Thursday, October 30, 2008

Being yourself is being one

Being is one, the world is many...and between the two is the divided mind, the
dual mind. It is just like a big tree, an ancient oak: the trunk is one, then the tree divides into two main branches, the main bifurcation, from which a thousand and
one bifurcations of branches grow. The being is just like the trunk of the tree --
one, non-dual -- and the mind is the first bifurcation where the tree divides into
two, becomes dual, becomes dialectical: thesis and antithesis, man and woman,
yin and yang, day and night, God and Devil, yoga and Zen. All the dualities of the
world are basically in the duality of the mind -- and below the duality is oneness
of being. If you slip below, underneath the duality you will find one -- call it God,
call it nirvana, or whatsoever you like.

If you go higher through the duality, you come to the many million-fold world.
This is one of the most basic insights to be understood -- that mind is not one.
Hence, whatsoever you see through the mind becomes two. It is just like a white
ray entering a prism; it is immediately divided into seven colors and the rainbow
is created. Before it entered the prism it was one, through the prism it is divided.
and the white color disappears into the seven colors of the rainbow.

In short...

The world is a rainbow, the mind is a prism, and the being is the white ray.


NoeL said...

You wrote this? Or did u get it from some where?

Silent Warrior said...

Don't name it my friend. let it be the way it is.