Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Being alone with nature

Imagine the peace you get when you’re alone.
Not just being alone but in a quiet and peaceful environ.
I’ve felt the need to be alone, to look at the stars of the sky, the beautiful white clouds, feel the soothing effect of the free air. Appreciate nature.
Being alone is not being lonely, but it is isolation with a purpose. Some people just need to be in company of themselves, for better understanding of themselves. Positive Inspiration is mostly felt when one is in solitude.

Try to go to river banks or somewhere peaceful where you can have time to think and wonder. It keeps your mind at rest and makes your brain function optimally.
A place where you wouldn’t have to think about the problems and sorrows of this life, where we experience extreme peace and comfort in a world of strife, where we understand ourselves better. Some of the best poems i ever wrote were written in my lonely hour, devoid of noise or distraction where i could really feel what i was writing about, where my mind’s eye could see a clear picture which is interpreted by the brain and expressed through the beauty of language.

In peace we would function better, although i love music very much. I love to turn the volume to the maximum and let it flow in me, but my hour of solitude lets life to flow steadily.

Let’s try to get some peaceful time alone in the company of ourselves and behold the beauty of nature.
To experience Solace in Solitude

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