Friday, August 14, 2009

this one reminds me Lao-Tzu....

Accidentally, I came across a this blog where I found this awesome poem. Let me jot it down in my blog, so it won't fade away from my memory. I would like to title it as

Hidden Will to Fight

If there were no sorrows,
Who would have known,
The value a smile owes.

If there were no feeling of thirst,
Who would have perceived,
What worth,
A single drop of water carried.

If one was not being hated,
Who would have appreciated,
The goodness of virtuous love.

If there was no pain and agony,
Who would have realized,
That a tender touch and a kind word
Were valuable incredibly.

Often depressed we are,
Due to the challenges,
This life offers,
But have we ever thought,
If there were no worries,
How would each one of us,
Realize the value of happiness,
And enjoy it to the fullest.

If there were no evils in this world,
Who would have awarded,
The deeds of goodness,
And the deeds of greatness.

The evil and the good go hand in hand,
These are indeed like the soil and the sand,
Mingled with each other,
Though never the same.

It all depends on our life’s perspective,
We choose to grieve in the night of miseries,
Or peacefully wait for the morning of paradise,
Now thankfully we wave a goodbye to the night,
For making us actualize
The glory of the sunrise….

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