Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reliance Stanford scholarship - essay

Huh like as always, this time too, competition is stiff. Only 50 students will be shortlisted who would then apply to Stanford.There is no change in Reliance Stanford scholarship - essay compared to last years essay question. The Question is 
How do you aspire to shape India's future?

Good thing is that it's same as last years one but the thing where it sucks is its 250 word limit. God knows what to write in such short words. Personally, I felt short of expressing my thoughts clearly in those 250 words. However I tried my best to put to it.

There are few tips which I gathered from few blogs. Would like to jot it down here so that it can help aspirants like me who are in dire need such scholarship.

  • Its "Shaping India's Future"; not "Changing. As trystwithmba quoted. This essay is all about expressing your experience and how it shaped/shaping Indian Society( even if its tiny change, it doesn't matter)
  • As leoneidas said rightly, This Scholarship is for "developing leaders in India who are committed to the country’s human and socio-economic progress." Hence it is imminent that the essay should discuss human and socio- economic issues in India and how they form part of your plan of shaping India's future.
  • The Application form asks about your professional aspirations and also states that "In the essay section, you will have an opportunity to elaborate upon your professional aspirations." Hence it would be advisable to link your professional aspirations to the theme of the essay.
  • Last but not least, DO KEEP IN MIND that, You have to complete the essay WITHIN 250 WORD LIMIT.


fake chunderella said...

hey there. I read your post about the scholarship.And i'm currently trying to apply for a scholarship which requires me to answer 4 questions. The thing is, the word limit is only 150 which means there's nothing much i can tell. Does the word limit really matter? Can i go over 150 words?

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