Thursday, November 11, 2010

power of silence.....


As saying goes, "Character of a true person lies in his silentness, calmness and composure". All time solution to the greatest problem  lies in silence within yourself. Things are very simple. We human being makes it so complex that in end we end up without solution. Uptill now, I learnt many things from my people. I am indeed grateful to all my friends for being part of my life's journey. Yesterday, downwith fever over the last few days, I was reluctantly checking mails. I came across one beautiful mail by our Anil Sachdev Sir whom I repspect a lot in my life. He spent a day teaching @ ISB. He got very nice feedback from the ISB students. We are very fortunate that Our dear sir shared those feedback. This indeed shows the transperancy level of our B-School School Of Inspired Leadership [SOIL], Gurgaon. We are really grateful for becoming part of SOIL. Specially to be remembered as the 2nd batch of SOIL. 

One of ISB B-school Student, Sanjeev Bhalla, who wrote feedback and shared his poem whose poem captivated  me so much that I want to jot it down on my blog so that I won't miss it when its needed. He shared 5 poems... I will share those poems one by one :) here it goes the 1st one.

The Silence of the Eternal Night

In the silence of this eternal night,
My heart stirs, my lips arch a sigh,
This silence has a timeless quality,
As if it knows, what remains unknown.

The harp plays, the crickets sing,
The Ocean roars, the lightening thunders,
Yet, I am parched,
As I gaze across the inky Ocean.

O Moon! Where are thou..
Lend my heart a sliver of your light.
My loneliness is my companion,
Accompanied by the melody of my pain.

Love... you have pierced my heart,
You came as I lay asleep,
You took away the solace of ignorance,
You killed me, yet called that awakening?

My eyes look across the sky,
In the wait for the beloved,
A tear trickles away into oblivion,
In the silence of this eternal night.

                                       --- Sanjeev Bhalla [ISB Student, Batch 2011]

Power of Silence can only felt through silence no matter how much I write about it. This poems says it all.

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