Monday, April 23, 2012

Wandering Journey......

Discuss the matters of the heart together, but do not run toward other people;
The road of adventure is so solitude,
Do not be afraid of the many stormy roads ahead,
How can (one) figure out of the ups and downs in life,
Do not speak of the embracing sorrows, which is unable to speak out,
Unable to pass over the crisis,
When a person arrives at the end of the road, must let out a smile,
How many times there are disappointment but still able to be proud,

Must not stop the journey altogether, Why must remember the previous incarnation ,
Only wine is able to encourage,
If love is drunk, where is the person?
Do not bother again, Carry the tears but still be proud,
Searching everywhere, far and wide, in this world for a bosom friend,
The matters of this heart should be revealed to whom?
Gazing at the hardships ahead.
A cup of wine mixed in together with the tears of love.
Wandering on the road ahead while drunken.....

                                                                  --- SPW

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marxcastro said...

A nice post.Great to read.