Sunday, July 15, 2012

Every moment we create new karma by what We Say, Do, and Think....

Lessons learned from today’s Satyameva Jayate based on Elders Homage reality– 15-Jul-12:

I heard many good things about this show. I experienced the same after watching today’s show which dealt about old people who left out by their children’s & spending their time alone in their home / old age home.

This reminds me of a saying which is funny but true… which says
“It takes a year for mother to teach her son how to wear pant, it takes a second for wife to teach how to un-wear”       -- Unknown Sage :D

Though the above said words might not sound good, however that’s the reality. Parents grow their children sacrificing all their happiness for their child’s happiness 

Today, now-a-days, we see more nucleus family than Joint family. We see more Alto’s/ Santros than Innovas.

Let’s go to the root where it starts:

Childhood Stage: 

Children are the gift of God. We see God in Children’s. Indeed true, if we look into the eyes of those small children’s, they don’t have any hatred, jealousy, & ego. They have only innocent smile which is greeting all with same innocent intention. When we were child, knowingly or unknowingly on impulse, we might say few words which hurt our parents. Such childish behaviour is pardonable. Hence Parents never took it seriously / tend to ignore it because we are child. So time soon passes….

Adulthood Stage: 

Now the same child has grown an Adult with lotsa of parents love & tenderness, this society’s so called rules which instil hatred, egoism, lust & Jealousy. As sayings goes, History will repeat unless we learn from it. So the same scene retakes. The response of the parents is the same because still we are child to them but interesting part is that so called child now grown up, he/she has the ability to think and respond to a situation however we, so called adults, lost in our new world where we won’t walk in the shoes of our parents. Now Adult tends to ignore parents’ advices but take their criticism seriously in wrong way. With all this difficulties being faced by parents still they make sure that their so called adult graduate and learn to stand on his/her toes.

Marriage Stage: 

Now our intelligent, so called well behaving adult reached at a stage where he is settled in his career [Hope so… ] so when it comes to marriage. Its very important to understand the crux of it. What is Marriage? When is the right age to get married? Well the questions are many but words are less to address the right answer. From my take, the words itself carry its meaning. Marri at a Age  where you will be able to lead a your family & US family. Marriage is more about joining two families. More about sacrificing your happiness and caring for your parents and your children, Marriage is union of two Hearts & Minds because both people cultured, nurtured, & brought up in different family where their belief & value system are entirely different. It’s an age where we need to learn and unlearn how to comprise for betterment of our families.

In reality at this stage, as saying goes, for minute amount happiness, we sacrifice large part of others happiness. We, so called child’s/Adults/family man, forgot about their parent’s well beings. Every parent has desire that when they grow old, they want their children needs to be there who would listen to them, share their smile & happiness. Now parents are becoming like child but for adults it irritates them for which they wanna run away from it. Also this just settled family man so much in love with other sex where he completely forgot his other world & completely lost…

When our parents grow old, they only have one desire i.e. to play with their grandchildren and share the happiness. However we so called youngsters prefer baby sitter to parent.  For that child baby sitter is his/her mother and father. Those baby sitters inculcate their culture/values in the child. So the grown old parents die with regret of not spending their last minute with their children.

On other hand, when we, so called youngster, awakens from the reality then they see themself as OLD man / woman. But time has flied away… his/her parents now belong to the nothingness… he/she just regret over the past and dies with regret.

The reason I called ‘so called youngster’ because we don’t know where we are heading in this materialistic world. As an youngster, neither are we child to act as childish nor are we grown old enough to behave like matured person. We were lost. Dunno where we are heading….

Every beginning has its end. Would like to end by quoting sage words:

“Every moment we create new karma by what We Say, Do, and Think.
If we understand this, we do not need to fear karma.
It becomes our friend. It teaches us to create a bright future”

Above quote sums up all, God bless all dying souls.

Caution: This is entirely my perception based on which my judgements are flowing. This is not a bible because m just an ordinary man trying hard to figure out this LIFE.


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