Saturday, November 30, 2013

Love is feeling!!!

Just Wait. I will let you pass any door you like in the world. I'm thinking of how I will do that,
Have fun at life. I will miss you!!

In your eyes, in your mind, I draw love.
Even if we are far away, even if we could hide from each other,
Love is you..
I hope the longing that comes with the wind can tell you my heart,
Love is the moment,
The day, the moment you came.
You filled up my heart and I keep thinking of you.
Love is the moment,
The day, the moment you left, I can't forget it.
The day, the moment I left you,
You keep coming to my mind.
My heart stopped, time has stopped, I just keep hurting.
Love has gone too, and it keeps hurting..
the person who makes me breathe
The person whom I've engraved deep in my heart
There is only one person
The person who lives in my tears
My love that was happy

Even if at times, this road seems far away...
Even if the tears fall because of feeling of sadness...
Until everything becomes past memories...
the two of us, lets be each other's resting place.
Even though I'm awkward and not good enough...
I'll be by your side, forever.
We'll stay strong though hard times, until they pass.

In the future, far from now,
over the rainbow, over there...
Even if the dream we searched for isn't there...
The times right now that you and I are spending together,
To me, that's more important,

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