Thursday, July 08, 2010

back to blogging......

ooooooosh, yeppieee, almost 15 days. I am struggling to cope up with situations.

  • Got dinged from Reliance Stanford Fellowship, however it's a nice experience to write essay in those short words. There are many profiles which really rocks and worthy to appreciable ones who deserved the scholarship. Congrats to all those people who made it.

Overall I am happy for the decisions and choices I made. I am going through changes in SOIL. Today is a very very special day for me because today we have SIP (Social Innovation Program) program. I felt this is what many B-schools are missing in their curriculum. Mr. Jeroninio Almeida guided us through ICONGO. His presentaion was amazing. feeling great to meet such people in SOIL. Last but not the least, in the End he showed us a captivating video, it reminded me the kind of experience I have saw through. It's reality of life of people who are working at grass root level. By just shedding tears after seeing such videos does't change anything ( I appreciate the concern we show but that doesn't make any changes). As Jerry rightly said, we need to involve ourselves and work for the change. I will share the video if I will get hold of it.

Another few things what I saw in GGN is that many fellas use: FUCK you man, fuck this, fuck that.... hehe it's funny to see people use words for in their every sentence. Though I shouldn't comment on this issue because it's left to the individual.

Dunno why people become not reachable after getting placed. OR may be they perceived me as arrogant or egoistic fella. But believe me I am not. I am struggling to get myself out of my comfort zone. I am bit introvert. I am going through changes. It takes time. Till then I might lose few ones whom I don't wanna loose., they helped me alot.I am ever grateful to them but this world hardly ever understands the expressions without words specially GGN :(.

In the End I would love to end, by saying........

"To make a change, Be the Change what you want to be" - outfromdeep

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