Friday, July 09, 2010


09/07/2010, on this day, I have been forced to go depth of myself. Tomorrow, we have Academie flag-off. Objective of Academie's are to initiate thought process various Streams/domains/functional areas within “Management", To provide some insights into what are the Industry requirements in different types of industries.And To provide the initial exposure of Marketing, IT, Consulting & HR Academies. I really like this concept. Only problem I am facing is that, I need to work on my long term goal. Tomorrow gonna be the very important day. Eager to see what really lies in that so called BIG BIG designation.

What I learnt:

" Be the Observer of moments/thoughts. Never ever react on impulse" - outfromdeep


aimingformba said...

I liked the quote on your blog!

Emerging Butterfly said...

I was just wondering if you had seen another wonderful book. I recently read "Being Ourself" by Ty Clement and felt that it blew everything else out of the water. This guy has a new blog, but has been through SO much since his book release. He and his wife lost twin sons to still birth the same week of the release apparently, and his wife died twice delivering them! She had two separate near death experiences, and she and Ty have been finding wholeness in their loss. I just think it's so wonderful to have an author like Ty Clement out there because he is really living the vision of peace. He's a therapist and social worker, as well as a visionary spiritual man. If you haven't read it....I highly recommend it to you! :o)