Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Other facets of life....

Today, i.e. 27th-Apr-2011, we had NGO work to do. From the last few weeks, I visited Girl's Shelter home. In the initial visit my experience was shocking and surprising. What I saw that Girl's Shelter home is almost cut off and untouched by it's Main Office. And it is hardly receiving equal benefits from the main branch. Because at Boy's shelter home, they have provided all the facilities and getting right kind of exposure compared to girl's shelter home. I was simply disheartened to see such inequality towards female gender.

I saw many girl's who lost/left their home due to inevitable circumstances. What hurts me most, is seeing 5-10 yrs girl in that shelter home. I was just asking myself, how life has took a cruel turn in their life. I felt there is strong pain they have gone through in their life at so early age. On one hand, I was thanking GOD that I brought up in such a family where I am indebted to my parents love. On other hand, I was sad to see such cruelty of life which I have experienced first time in my life. Especially it really hurts me most when I see cruelty against girl's. Because this society is always biased towards man. In this macho kind of society, I was kept on thinking, what will be future of these girls. Who have yet to gone through the different ages of their life.

What makes me most happy at that center is, when those sweet little innocent children call me as BROTHER with Innocent SMILE on their face. I was just moved to do my best to help them. 

Their smile reminds me the smile of my loved one. Whenever I see such innocent smile,

"When I am feeling down & Blue
And there is no one I can talk to...
I close my eyes and look into my heart,
And I see you there... Even though we are miles apart,
You are an Angel... Thanks for being there for me..."

I forget all those pains and start to think about WHAT I CAN DO? at this moment. My last 3 times visit was memorable one. I have decided to work next NGO working days at Girl's Shelter home. I will give my best and try my best by contributing my skills in whatever way I can help them.

Even in my Apartment where I am staying, I saw two girls of the same age around 11 yrs old in the park. One girl is poor [call her as "A"] and working as maid, another girl is daughter [who is wealthy call her as "B"] of owner under whom that poor girl is working. A girl is making sure that B girl enjoying in the park by playing with her, and doing all the stuffs which B girl says. When I look at A girl's eyes, I dunno what kind of feeling I felt. But I believed she accepted her life as it comes. At her age, where she needs to go for schooling, she is working as maid. At that age, where she need to play with their peers, she became toy of other people and doing what others are telling her to do. She faced only rejection and denial if she desired anything in her life. All she needs to do is work for your owner.

Many thoughts came into my mind. I saw many of my friends [girls] who are wealthy and leading a comfy life. But they are not happy with what they got. They are always desiring for more. They NEVER got any DENIAL or REJECTION in their life, when they demand something from their parents. They are so lucky to have this kind of rich life, but they are just wasting it without realizing how lucky and grateful to the god they are.....

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