Sunday, May 08, 2011

Keep the faith.....

May, 1st 2011. On a bright sunny Sunday Morning... I wake up as usual around 7 AM. Got hold of cup of tea and  searching for today's news paper outside the door. Although I am kinda getting bored with news paper reading the same stuffs again and again in different format. Life was never so boring on that Sunday. On page 2, TOI's TIMES LIFE column caught my attention. Title "KEEP THE FAITH". As I started reading the article... I was kept on reading till the end. I wanted to share this article to all those people who have missed it. Hope it will help you sooner or later.

"Sunshine or rainclouds, we can glide through every situation if we keep a steady head and maintain our equilibrium."

Don't laugh so loud; you will attract the bad luck. Grandma would warn whenever my siblings and I guffawed loudly. In her innocence she actually believed it, and , if a few minutes later she caught any of us crying after one of the many inevitable skirmishes that are a part of childhood. pat would come the smug remark. "Didn't I tell you whenever you laugh out loud, you will certainly be crying soon enough". if life were as innocent as that! laughter so easily aroused and tears so easily wiped away.

That might sound dramatic but most of us know that life does go through phases of good and bad, and then good again. It's series of ups and downs that doesn't allow us to get comfortable in the space we occupy. In a graph, life can be best plotted as sine wave, never as a steady straight line. And thankfully so, can you imagine what life would be like if it never changed? How would you learn to appreciate the laughter if there have been no tears? How do you celebrate a success if you haven't faced failures?

And more important, just as the highs boost one's confidence, lows help keep people grounded. An uninterrupted streak of success with no hurdles can very soon make a person arrogant, and uncaring in his confidence. It may seem some people's luck never changes and they lead a life that is all good or all bad. However that cannot possibly be so. They all have their good, better, best and bad worse , worst situations. The only difference is that they know how best to ride the wave. They do not let better times go to their head nor do they allow the worse times to pull them down. What is the secret that keeps these people steady in loss and gain? Is their life a steady straight line than zigzag curve? The best situations can't make them arrogant not do the worst turn them into depressed souls. True strength of character is in maintaining a steadiness through all kinds of situations.

Surprisingly, the steadiness comes not from inflexibility or an unyielding, non-resilient attitude but from a willingness to mold yourself according to the changing times. There is a time when you need to push ahead all guns firing and a time when you need to sit back and wait. A time to be bullish and another to be bearish. There is also a time when you can't do nothing but just go with the flow. A person who is intelligent enough to recognize the response a situation demands, the fortitude to act accordingly and the forbearance to wait for the time to change tide, is the one who is the winner.

The point is that life moves ahead inexorably; it is upto us to keep building on what it offers us at every stage. Those of us who failed to do so, are less successful one, while others take control of life and are the true CEO's of their own lives. For each of us knows that life throws at us both good times as well as bad, abd each follows the other.

The trick to keep the faith-- all you need to know is that each situation has its value and so long as you believe that, just look for it. Know that when you are at the bottom, Top awaits you. And when you are at the top, remember you will hit the bottom sometime. But that is no reason to go on a down slide yourself.

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