Sunday, September 04, 2011

Life @ Aapka Solution....

Finally, I got posted to silicon valley. Life @ Silicon Valley is really cool. Definitely, I will miss Delhi's cold winter, hot summer n my SOIL friends. Accommodating to new place takes sometime, time just flies off in my office because I am surrounded by smart, intelligent and warm people.

Under the helm of Anil Sachdev and Arunav Banerjee, we, all, SOIL students felt like a home in our B-school.  Surprisingly, I found a new home in Silicon Valley .i.e my office. Seniors and juniors are very friendly and welcoming. It shows the kind of our company's culture and imbibing in new joinee employees. My office n my people stands for companies vision and values. It's true!!!, AAPKA SOLUTION not only for customers, it also stands for employees. Employees at our company are well taken care of. Does money really matter??? Yes, but to an extent.... because what more can human need, when you get caring and sharing people.

Looking for accommodation and shifting is big headache esp. if you are one man army. Also I have some personal  settlements to make. I have requested to utilize the time to shift and complete my accommodating till my joining formalities are completed as my medical check up status yet to be intimated. However initial 2 days @ my company is really amazing and looking forward to contribute my best to the organization.

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Bond007 said...

I have read it... Really good story and more important the way of presentation... Good one!!!
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