Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I O uuu

I Owe yoU :  Nice poem

neither does this mean that I have got you
nor does it mean, that I have lost you
don’t know why even in your absence,
seems like you are present everywhere around me

my day begins with your thoughts
and the dawns are made beautiful with you
with you… just with you
each moment, I breathe for you
each moment makes my life
with you… just for you

my eyes are lost in yours
my arms embrace you in them
nothing seems to be mine anymore
don’t know what happened
even my talks are full of you

my nights seem to be a gift from you
why has my everything turned yours
don’t know what happened
anywhere i might go
seems like i meet you
it’s about you… just about you

there seems silence amidst noise
a little bit of dizzyness prevails
it’s about you… just about you

half-a-promise, sometimes
and sometimes, more than a half
my heart wants to make with you
a promise of loyalty,

this bond can’t be left, even willingly
it can’t be broken, even if I try
the thread which draped us as one
the thread of commitment

I am indebted to you
for everything that I have achieved
is because of you… because of you

I find my ways by itself
I find my destinations, so easily now
it’s because of you… because of you…

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Bond007 said...

That was really awesome lines. Mind blowing!!!
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