Saturday, January 07, 2012

My Heart saying a prayer...

This song is best described as a PRAYER.
When love is above everything, and becomes the way of life

This song tell how he feels love, he needs love...
How it is so inseparable from him...
The lyrics penned down so well that you can feel her so close..
Nothing else only her and love..
just listen to it...


My heart saying a prayer,
Listen to my heart beats,
It Keeps chanting I will get you,
I will chose few beautiful branches from the tree of life,
I will get you,

Every moment I live,
I will live them with you,
Every breathe I take,
I will take it with you,
Whatever the road is,
I will walk with you,

Let me break down,
Meet my heart with myself,
Why are you so far,
These moments will not come again,
Please do not let them go,

Give yourself to me,
I will detach you from yourself,
Attach it to myself,
My body & soul,
I will fill with your scent,

Let me live in your arms,
Will get lost in your heart,
Where Shall I go without you,
With you I will see,
All the beautiful memories,
Of which, Only I have right,

I will live in your memories,
Will awake to your dreams,
When someone look for me,
They will find me in your eyes..

                                  -- Thanks to dreams songs for translation

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